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Conditions for Collaboration

Organization / Institution:               Parsons School of Design

Role:                                           Co - Researcher

Collaborators:                               Sergio Venegas Gamboa

Location:                                      New York 


It is becoming more and more difficult to ignore the complex global challenges that surround us today. Tackling these wicked problems require the coming together of actors from diverse fields, disciplines and backgrounds, to pool knowledge and resources and work towards solving various parts of a complex system.

This book is a culmination of a study conducted with a wide range of individuals who have shaped and participated in collaborative groups across 17 countries, representing perspectives from the Corporate sector, Educational institutes, Non-profit organizations, Government departments, International organizations and Local, community groups.

The aim of this book is to inspire and kickoff a conversation around the challenges and conditions for collaboration . We hope to invite practitioners in this field to share their experiences and help grow and evolve this body of knowledge.


14 Weeks ( Sep 2018 - Dec 2018 )

The Challenge

" How do we bring together people fro diverse backgrounds and activate them towards a common objective? "

The Challenge

Our Approach 

In-depth Interviews

11 Experts



the landscape 


- 90  Facilitators & Community Organizers 

Workshop Design & Participation



- Interactions

- Objects

- Users

Research Report

 Buzz Report

- Journals

- Case Studies

- Research Studies

- Opinion Pieces

- News Articles

- Toolkit

- Video


Uncovering Latent Needs

Our Approach


Over the course of fifteen weeks, we observed that while bringing people together many facilitation activities struggled with building trust, developing empathy, or increasing participation.

However, there are some essential conditions that allow for people to come together regardless of their differences. Here we have identified six conditions from interviews, surveys, and observations conducted in different facilitation spaces (community organizations, corporate facilitators, conflict resolution mediators, and others).

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Detailed Project Report

Project Report
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