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My name is John. I am a Strategic Designer based in New York City.

I am currently on a journey to use design to help communities.

Having grown up in multiple cultures across three different countries, making sense of communities and their cultural dynamics has been in equal parts a fascination and a way of better understanding myself.


I am currently pursuing my MS at Parsons in Strategic Design and Management.

Listening to people's stories, exploring new ideas, encountering new cultures and allowing my self to grow in new places is what activates me. 

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My Practice as a

Strategic Designer

Strategic Solutions


Testing and developing innovative products, services or ventures that provide new value to your stakeholders.

Design Based Research

Foresight + Trend Analysis

Insight Synthesis

Concept Ideation

Prototyping & User Testing



Developing a robust brand strategy.

Defining the brand core & essence

Developing a brand personality 

Facilitating brand design manifestations -Nomenclature, Identity etc

Establishing a communication strategy


Exploring new business strategy opportunities

Testing and developing sustainable +

innovative business models

Crafting a strategic marketing plan

Facilitate Innovation in the Workplace


Developing the organization's learning capacity.

Being Aware of Mental Models

Thinking in Systems

Personal Mastery

Learning as a Team

Shaping a Shared Vision


Introducing tools and practices to develop resilience & improve the capacity to innovate.

Foresighting Tools & Techniques

Design Thinking Sprints

Lean Startup Methodologies

Prototyping Workshops


Improving team engagement 

Nurturing practices conducive for better  collaboration

Practices to design strategic conversations


A Few Design Challenges That I Am Currently Engaged With

If you would like to learn more, share or collaborate with any of these challenges, feel free to get in touch with me by clicking on the respective challenge.


Digital Marketing Strategy

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A Few Clients I Have Worked With

Brand Research & Strategy


Strategic Design

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